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Colorobbia Turkiye - Social Responsibility

Colorobbia Turkey's Social Responsibility Policy.

In all of its industrial and commercial activities, Colorobbia Turkey has been attentive to creating economically, socially and environmentally balanced solutions.

In line with the Social Policy of Gruppo Colorobbia,
Colorobbia Turkey supports sustainable development.

The Company tends towards environmental protection and socially most suitable solutions in the management of supply, production and sales processes and pays attention to creating just and favorable working conditions and social standards.


Colorobbia Turkey takes great care to the quality of its services and products for the purpose of ensuring customer satisfaction in the activities it carries out and regards it as the basic condition of creating added value for both parties. The Company, in its products and services and processes, aims at high quality and reliability policy. All these policies are of capital importance in terms of both increasing company image and strengthening relations with suppliers, customers and business partners.


Colorobbia Turkey makes a great effort and puts concrete actions into effect for the purpose of protecting the environment, which it accepts as one of the elements characterizing its activities. Therefore, the Company has chosen the sustainable use of natural resources and adopted that everybody has the right to live in a clean and safe environment as a principle. Colorobbia Turkey guarantees that all production processes shall abide by environmentally sustainable principles and makes an endeavor so that a culture that is in compliance with Gruppo Colorobbia’s environment policies takes root in Colorobbia Turkey.  


From the very beginning, Gruppo Colorobbia has been a corporation paying strict attention to occupational health and safety. Likewise, Colorobbia Turkey endeavors to pursue the goals of improving occupational health and safety conditions. The Company regards it as a part of its activities and accepts it as a strategic goal in terms of complying with the legislations in force. The Company, in an attempt to preserve the safety and health conditions of its staff as well as the people living in its area of activity, takes necessary measures for preventing especially occupational accidents and diseases.

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